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  • 01795 423716 01795 423716

Surrey's Automatic Door Installation Experts

Why not join the many office building, hotel, and shop owners in Surrey who already take advantage of superb, and cost-effective revolving door and automatic door installation services?

Our revolving and automatic doors are perfect for hotel or office reception areas. They are expertly crafted, installed, and designed to enhance the appearance of your property while also providing a visually appealing entrance. Our automatic door installation services are available in Surrey, to ensure that our clients have a secure and attractive entryway for their building.

At our company, we offer automatic door installation and door automation services to industrial and commercial properties in Surrey. These services can help improve workflow efficiency and increase accessibility for users. Give us a call at 01795 423716 to schedule your complimentary property survey and receive a quote with no obligation, at your convenience.


Automatic Doors

Energy efficient automatic doors

Not only do automatic doors create a great initial impression for your Surrey business, they also fulfill a crucial function in reducing heat loss and therefore cutting down on energy expenses. Additionally, they are a cost-effective option compared to other types of doors in the long run.

Attention Surrey commercial property owners seeking automated door installations: Look no further! Contact the knowledgeable team at Swale Shutters and Doors by calling 01795 423716. Our experts specialise in both commercial shutters and domestic garage doors and are ready to answer all your questions about our door automation services.

Expert automatic door installation

Our excellent automatic doors have been installed in numerous commercial properties throughout Surrey. From upscale hotels and office lobbies to retail shops, our doors add a polished look to any property. With a wide selection of roller shutters and garage doors available in various styles, we will collaborate with you to create the ideal automatic door installation for your Surrey property.

In order to guarantee proper functioning of the automatic doors, sensors will be installed on both the exterior and interior of the property. These sensors will detect approaching individuals and open the doors accordingly. With a new installation of automatic doors, all individuals, including employees and customers, will have convenient entry to your Surrey property.

Automatic door installation and automation services in Surrey

Based near to Surrey, our expertise lies in professional installation of automatic doors throughout the area.

Get in touch with us now to talk about your revolving or automatic door installation needs. Our highly knowledgeable security experts in Surrey are ready to assist you and provide helpful insights on any current or future door automation projects. We offer a complimentary property assessment and a free quote for automatic door installation, with no pressure on your schedule.

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