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  • 01795 423716 01795 423716

Door Automation Supplied Across Eastbourne

At some point or another, you probably battled with your garage door in the pouring rain and pondered if there was a simpler solution.

Thanks to the experts at Swale Shutters and Doors, this is now possible! Servicing the Eastbourne area, our company offers top-of-the-line door automation and shutter systems for convenient access to your storage or garage.

In addition, our automatic doors are highly cost-effective and installed by our skilled and knowledgeable team of professionals in Eastbourne. 

Automatic Doors

Made by leading companies in the field, our door automation systems are suitable for a variety of shutters and doors such as overhead, folding, revolving, strip curtains, and garage doors.

Contact us now at 01795 423716 to receive a complimentary survey and a quote without any obligation, regardless of your location in Eastbourne. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you.

Versatile automatic door installation solutions across Eastbourne

Our skilled team offers a complimentary survey at your Eastbourne property to provide you with guidance and recommendations on the best door automation and security shutter systems for your domestic garage. With our expertise, we can help you select the most suitable system for your needs. 

Our range of technical aids includes safety features and automatic closing, as well as shutter door automation systems for side hinged doors and heavy usage. Our team of expert engineers has over 30 years of experience and will ensure that your Eastbourne property receives the full automatic shutter door you desire.

Using a hand transmitter is the primary way to automatically operate your garage door. You can keep this transmitter in your car or carry it with you wherever you go. With just one press of a button, the sensor on your garage's roof will be notified and the door will open. Our door automation services are available in Eastbourne and provide a secure, efficient, and convenient way to access your garage for authorized guests.

Once you have finished, simply press the button again and the door automation system will close your Eastbourne shutter door to ensure the security of your property. But in case you happen to forget, our automatic closing feature will take care of it for you.

Our door automation control system eliminates the risk of theft due to a forgotten garage door closure with the ability to customise the timeframe for automatic closing.

For those located in Eastbourne, if you need further details about our installation of shutter and door automation systems, don't hesitate to reach out to our accommodating and amiable staff.

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