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  • 01795 423716 01795 423716

Ashford's Door Automation Specialists

It's highly likely that at one point or another, you will have struggled with your garage door in the pouring rain! If so, we know for a fact that you'll have wondered if there is an easier and stress-free way!

Automatic Doors

Thanks to Swale Shutters and Doors, there now is another way! Working for homeowners and commercial clients across Kent, including Ashford, we specialise in designing, supplying and installing the highest quality door automation and shutter systems that make it easy and quick to access your storage facility or garage.

Alongside this, they are also incredibly affordable too and are all installed by our professional and experienced team. 

Manufactured and supplied by the biggest names in the industry, our high quality door automation systems are perfect for a variety of different shutters and doors, including overhead doors, garage doors, revolving shutter doors, strip curtains folding shutter doors.

So call Ashford's experts at Swale Shutters and Doors today on 01795 423716 and our expert team will provide you with a free survey and a no obligation quotation, no matter where you are across Folkestone and Kent.

Reliable, trusted and high quality automatic door installation solutions

While we have a multitude of different door automation and security shutter systems that could be used on your domestic grage door, our experienced and professional door automaation team will undertake a free property survey and offer you honest and impartial guidance and advice on the most ideal door automation system for your requirements and needs.

From safety features to door and shutter automation systems for heavy usage or side hinged doors and automatic closing, we also specialise in providing a variety of technical aids to improve your Folkestone garage door's functionality. 

The main method of automatically operating your garage door is by simply pressing a hand transmitter! You can also keep the transmitter in your vehicle too! Once the button is pressed, this device will automatically alert the sensor built into the roof of your garage and initiate the safe opening process. 

Provided across Ashford and Kent, our automatic door installation services ensure that you have a very easy to use and fast moving garage dooor that is quickly accessible for permitted visitors. 

In addition to this, all you will then need to do is just press the button once again when you are finished; the innovative and high quality door automation system will then close the door for you! This will keep your shutter door secure and safe. However, in the highly unlikely event that you forget to close the garage door yourself. our automatic closing feature will kick in so you don't need to worry about that either!

With customisable settings to determine how long it takes before the door closes automatically, our door automation control system eradicates the threat of someone stealing your car or other personal items simply because you forgot to close the garage door.

If you're based in Ashford and you would like any more information about our shutter and door automation system installations, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly team

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