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Durable and Reliable Industrial Strip Curtains in Bromley

Incredibly durable, affordable, energy saving and easy to operate, our industrial strip curtains are utilised by many commercial and industrial property owners across Kent and Bromley; and it's very easy to see exactly why!

Industrial strip curtains

Made from the very best PVC, our industrial strip curtains are incredibly durable and reliable. In addition, they provide exceptional insulation possibilities. Our industrial strip curtains come with a wide range of great benefits and are ideal options for any industrial or commercial companies looking to prevent the escape of draughts, noise or heat from their properties.  

Our PVC strips work by being hung on a rail and then overlapping and combining to produce the curtain. This can then be used as either a doorway or a wall to separate two industrial or commercial areas. In fact, many of our Bromley clients use our industrial and PVC strip curtains in this way.  

PVC strip curtains that are ideal for any industrial application

Incredibly adaptable and functional, our high quality industrial strip curtains can be used almost anywhere where passage through a commercial or industrial environment is required by vehicles or pedestrians. Examples of this would include partition walls, windows or doorways.

A cost effective and efficient way of preventing heat and noise loss in your Bromley factory, processing plant or warehouse, our industrial and PVC strip curtains are also very useful in preventing the spread of airborne pests too. This enables them to be utilised in areas dealing with the storage or manufacture of food products. 

While our industrial strip curtains are predominantly used in large scale commercial and industrial properties, they are also able to be used pretty much anywhere and some of our smaller commercial clients in Bromley and London have utilised them to great effect. In fact, some cmall commercial retailers and kitchens have bought industrial strip curtains from us to use in their Bromley properties. 

As one of Bromley and the South East's leading shutter specialists, we offer a comprehensive range of shutters and industria; strip curtains that are all professionally installed by our experienced experts. So call us today on 01795 423716 to arrange your free property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience.  

Specialist Industrial Strip Curtain Installers

Our experienced and dedicated team have all the skills and knowledge necessary to provide you with the highest quality industrial strip curtain installation solutions. From providing a domestic homeowner with a new roller shutter to a commercial business owner with steel personnel doors, we offer an extensive range of services to all kinds of Bromley properties, including industrial. This is why our folding shutter doors and industrial strip curtains are of the highest possible quality and installed by the very best. 

Bespoke industrial strip curtains that are fully tailor made

Our high quality industrial doors ensure that you have a cost effective and durable new door that will keep your employees, families and possessions much safer. Made specifically to fit your measurements and requirements, our shutters and doors create an effective and affordable block to external threats. This is also why we provide quick and efficient shutter repairs, so that your door is always at its best. 

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If you would like any more information about our range of industrial strip curtains that are available across Bromley, London and Kent, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly team.

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