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  • 01795 423716 01795 423716

Door Automation Made Easy

Chances are you've been stuck in the rain fiddling with your garage door and pondering why it can't be simpler. Well, Swale Shutters and Doors has the answer!

We provide commercial clients and homeowners in Rainham with a comprehensive shutter and door automation service that is simple and efficient to use. Our solutions are designed, supplied and installed to the highest standards, giving you quick and easy access to your garage or storage facility.

Not only are they incredibly affordable, but our experienced and professional team will fit them for you. 

Automatic Garage Doors

Our door automation systems, from the leading suppliers and producers in the field, are perfect for a variety of shutters and doors such as strip curtains, garage doors, revolving shutter doors, folding shutter doors and overhead doors.

Contact our team today on 01795 423716 to arrange a free survey and no-obligation quote, wherever you are in Rainham.

The best automatic door installation

Our meticulous door automation team will complete a free assessment of your home and advise you candidly on what is the best security shutter or door automation system for you. We have an extensive selection of systems that can be used with your residential garage doors. 

We offer clients in Rainham a selection of technical tools to enhance their garage door's performance, such as side hinged doors, automatic closure systems and safety features, or automated shutter doors. 

Using a hand transmitter is a simple way to control your garage door; plus, you can keep it in your vehicle! Once pressed, this access control device will alert the sensor installed in the roof of your garage and activate the opening process.

Our automatic door installation services, available in Rainham, give you simple, quick access for allowed visitors, with a quickly operating garage door.

Closing the garage door is so easy; all you need to do is press a button when you're done! Our trustworthy door automation system will take care of the rest, keeping your property safe. There's no need to worry if you forget to close it either; our automated closing feature will come into play.

Our door automation control systems can be customised to your preferences, making certain the garage door will shut quickly, eliminating the danger of somebody taking your possessions or vehicle due to you inadvertently leaving the door open.

Are you based in Rainham and would you like to know more about our installations of automated shutters and doors? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our attentive team.

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