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High Quality Industrial Strip Curtains in Surrey

Many commercial and industrial property owners in Surrey use our industrial strip curtains due to their affordability, ease of operation, energy-saving features, and remarkable durability. It is clear why these curtains are a popular choice.

Industrial strip curtains

Crafted using premium quality PVC, our industrial strip curtains offer unparalleled durability. Not only that, but they also boast exceptional insulation capabilities. With a range of fantastic advantages, these curtains are the ideal choice for any industrial or commercial business seeking to effectively contain noise, drafts, and heat within their premises.

Our PVC strips are designed to be hung on a rail and overlapped to create a curtain, which can serve as a doorway or a partition between industrial or commercial spaces. In fact, this is the common usage of our PVC and industrial strip curtains among our clients. 

PVC strip curtains for industrial properties in Surrey

Our industrial strip curtains are incredibly versatile and practical, suitable for any commercial or industrial setting that requires vehicular or pedestrian passage. They can be utilised as partition walls, in windows, or at doorways. 

Our industrial and PVC strip curtains are a practical solution for minimising heat and noise loss in your Surrey-based processing plant, warehouse or factory. These curtains have the added benefit of effectively deterring airborne pests, making them suitable for use in food storage or production areas. 

Although our industrial strip curtains are most commonly found in large commercial and industrial settings, they are versatile enough to be used in various other locations as well. Some of our smaller clients, including commercial kitchens and retailers, have successfully incorporated our industrial strip curtains into their properties.

As a top shutter specialist in Surrey, we provide an extensive selection of shutters and industrial strip curtains, all professionally installed by our experienced team. To schedule your free property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience, give us a call today at 01795 423716

Expert Industrial Strip Curtain Installers

Our skilled and knowledgeable team is fully equipped to offer excellent industrial strip curtains installation solutions. Whether it's a new roller shutter for a domestic homeowner or steel personnel doors for a commercial business, we provide a wide range of services for all types of properties in Surrey, including industrial spaces. That's why our industrial strip curtains and folding shutter doors are renowned for their superior quality and are only installed by the best in the industry. 

Industrial strip curtains made to your needs

Our industrial doors promise a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for increased safety for your employees, families, and possessions. Tailored to your specifications, our shutters and doors provide a strong barrier against external threats. For added convenience, we offer efficient shutter repair services to maintain the optimal condition of your door at all times.

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