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Roller Shutters Protecting Your Leatherhead Property, All Year Round!

Incredibly durable against all forms of weathering and provide a brilliant deterrent to intruders, look no further than our roller shutters to protect your Leatherhead property to the highest possible standard. 

Roller shutters

Designed and built using the most hard wearing metal, our roller shutters will help defend your Leatherhead business by acting as a deterrent, preventing any form of hard entry into your premises; keeping both your commercial property and its contents safe. Furthermore, they provide a much more effective layer of protection, in comparison to traditional doors where items like windows are broken and therefore give a simple outlet for thieves to enter your premises. 

As well as providing an exceptional barrier for intruders, it also helps to protect the appearance of your business from any form of weathering; not only providing security benefits but additionally aesthetics for any potential prospects too!

No matter the requirements for your roller shutters, with such a wide variety of styles and finishes; you will be spoilt for choice but not to worry, our friendly and experienced team at Swale Shutter and Door Services will ensure that you get the most appropriate set for your Leatherhead commercial or industrial property.

Looking for some roller shutters for your Leatherhead business? Call us today on 01795 423716 to arrange your FREE property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

Taking advantage of all the available space in your Leatherhead property

Unlike other kinds of doors that open outwards or inwards, roller shutters open vertically, therefore providing you with that little bit of extra usable space for your Leatherhead commercial or industrial property; making tasks like loading and unloading easier as vehicles can be parked up against the doors, saving you money and time.

From domestic roller shutter doors to commercial revolving door installation services; our team of professional fitters will provide a high quality installation service, no matter the property. Our team have installed a wide variety of domestic garage doors to Leatherhead homeowners and have provided high quality roller shutters to commercial clients across a variety of locations.

Roller shutters made from the highest quality materials

Our roller shutters are formed by interlocking slats that form a continuous hinge along the entire structure, the roller shutters systems raise and lower themselves onto a revolving spring-loaded barrel. A bottom rail is then fitted onto the curtain to not only provide additional durability and strength but also allow room for the fitting of locking devices and handles. Customising your roller shutters gives you the power to change the appearance and security of your new door.  

To ensure that there is no sideways movement, the roller shutters curtain is attached to guides along the sides of the structure and the rolling mechanism, which allows the door to move freely and is then enclosed in a canopy hood above the structure.   

Used by many businesses throughout Leatherhead

Swale Shutter and Door Services have fitted roller shutters for a variety of garages, offices, shops and restaurants across Leatherhead and Surrey, who have benefited from utilising this resistant and durable type of door; thanks to the increased level of security that it provides.

Not only are our shutter doors the ideal security method for your commercial and industrial property but with a wide variety of colours, finishes and styles; they will complement it for years to come. 

Proven and Trusted Roller Shutters

At Swale Shutter and Door Services, we have an experienced team of professional specialists that contribute to our reputation as one of Leatherhead's leading supplier and fitter of roller shutters and garage doors. 

Whatever your requirements, whether it be domestic roller shutter door installations or commercial revolving door services; our professional and expert fitters will provide a high quality installation service, regardless of the property type. Our team have installed a wide range of domestic garage doors and roller shutters for commercial clients across Surrey, including Leatherhead.


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If you would like any more information about our variety of roller shutters and how they will defend and protect your Leatherhead commercial and industrial property then please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly team. When it comes to industrial and commercial shutters and doors in Leatherhead, we are the name that you can trust.

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