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Swale Shutter and Door Services Limited

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  • 01795 423716 01795 423716

Sittingbourne's Leaders in Garage Door Automation

Have you ever found yourself, in the midst of a torrential downpour, straining to open your garage door and wishing there must be an easier way?

Automatic Doors

At Swale Shutters and Doors, we make garage and storage access a breeze for Sittingbourne residents. Our experts design, supply and install the highest quality door or shutter automation systems to suit your specific needs. With our help, you can enjoy an effortless entry system that works for both home and business buyers!

Our team of professionals will also provide hassle-free installation of these reasonably priced automated doors. 

Produced and created by top brands, our door automation systems are suitable for many types of doors and shutters, from overhead doors to strip curtains, garage doors to folding shutter doors and revolving shutter doors.

Contact our highly skilled team now on 01795 423716 to arrange a no obligation survey and quote, regardless of your Sittingbourne location.

Versatile automatic door installation solutions

We have a range of security shutters and door automation systems for domestic garages. Our knowledgeable team will do a free site visit and give you reliable advice on the best system for your needs.

We offer Sittingbourne clients a range of technological solutions such as shutter door automation systems for heavy-duty, side hinged doors, in addition to automatic closures and security features to boost their garage door's performance.

Using a hand transmitter is the chief way of operating your garage door automatically. It's truly easy to do - and even better, it can be kept in your car! When you press the access control device it'll inform the sensor mounted on the garage's roof, setting off the opening procedure.

At our company, we cover Sittingbourne and specialise in fitting automatic garage doors. Our installations are guaranteed to provide a rapid entrance that's easily operated and available for visitors who have been given authorisation.

Once you have finished, simply press the button to close the garage door - our advanced automation system will do the rest! This ensures your shutter door and property remain secure; in case you forget to shut it yourself, the automatic closure function will activate to provide additional peace of mind.

Our door automation control system features customisable settings that allow you to decide how long it takes before the door closes on its own. Thus, eliminating the chance of someone taking your car or other belongings because you forgot to shut the garage door.

If you're in Sittingbourne, and would like to find out more about our door and shutter automation installations, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our welcoming team members.

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